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September 02, 2021 2 min read

The 12 Best Calming Dog Beds

Dogs are known to spread happiness and positivity around. But, just like humans, even dogs have an anxiety issue. If your furry friend is going through a tough time, bring him any one of these 12 beds. They considered it as their safe place and feel comfortable. 

  1. Bolsters:

These beds are raised edge that goes along the sides of a dog bed. They are perfect for dogs who like to curl up or lean against something when they are asleep. Your dog might feel much safer and protected when they lean against a wall or something else in their sleep.

  1. Cave style:

If your buddy likes to sleep cozy inside a blanket, then cave style bed is suitable for them. The interior of this bed is made of soft Sherpa fleece or some other kind of soothing, extra-cozy material.

  1. A faux-fur dog bed that mimics a bolster:

 These extra soft beds let the dog snuggle up with their toys and have a peaceful sleep. The bed is safe to be washed in a washer and a dryer.

  1. Heated bolster-style bed:

Although dogs are capable of keeping themselves warm, this heater bolster bed can be heated with low-wattage electric heat. It keeps them comfortable and extra warm during winters.

  1. A cult-favorite cave bed

It is a hooded bed that has its exterior made of soft suede your dog will love curling up in. You can remove the hood and use a blanket instead.

  1. Best pet supplied pet tent

For a small-sized dog who likes to burrow, this tent-type bed would be a perfect choice. It will act as it’s a little world in the house whenever he feels low.

  1. A cave bed lined with faux fur

The bed is extra soft and is said to act as a security blanket for the dog who is scared of storms.

  1. A convertible cave and bolster bed for a small dog

The bed easily changed from cave style to a bolster. Turn it to another form whenever your dog wants to. Its base is made of micro-fiber-covered soft foam that provides plenty of extra comforts.

  1. A budget “warming” bed

This one is made from self-warming mylar material. The material is used when producing space blankets. It has a Sherpa lining and a fleece bottom.

  1. An open pet cave for puppies & small dogs

The bed’s base is made of a high-density foam that is soft and easy to rest on. Outer is made from super warm microfiber fleece. It is just perfect for “paw”fect friend.

  1. An orthopedic bed

Suitable for dogs who have any muscle or bone ailments, this bed will offer them a warm and soft spot to rest on.

  1. An elevated bed with bolsters

The bed is perfect for hot weather. If your dog prefers sleeping outside, its waterproof denier fabric base with a three-sided bolster will help your pup to snuggle up against it.